Let’s Make A Deal

Let’s Make A Deal

"Pete! Pete Zefo! Wake up! You set your alarm for this time for a reason. Don't hit snooze. Don't go back to bed. You cannot lead others unless you can lead yourself. Wake up!"

The above is what I wake up to every day. I have recorded that message on my cell phone, which I use as my daily alarm. Pretty sad, eh?

The problem is I get into the habit of making deals with myself. "5 more minutes...I'll get up at six...I don't need a shower today...my clothes are already set out...I'll just shave my face today(as opposed to my entire head)..."

In all honesty, I can be pretty convincing with myself. However, the truth is, I am a 'Cretan'! If I could harnass the negotiating ability that I possess at 5:00am I could make millions.

I am reading a biography of Theodore Roosevelt. (see right siderbar --->) It is fascinating how much he accomplished in his life, including becoming President of the United States by the age of 42. He is described as a man with an iron-willed self-disipline. The truth is TR was such a great leader because he was able to lead himself. It has always been this one thing for me...why has "sleep" become such a powerful distractor of my own self-discipline.

One poet suggests...

Some people think that they live for something material

Some people think that they live for someone special

The are all wrong In fact all they live for is some sleep

So sleep

Peoples work all day long to get some sleep

Peoples spend their life looking for the opportunity to sleep

So sleep

Sleep is a gift from god which is withdrawn from sinners

So sleep

But there will be one day when sleep will be granted forever

And the fight will be over ~ Salmaan Sheriff

Len Sweet once "tweeted" that sleep is like "death without the long-term commitment."

Proverbs 20 might have the most clear statement on sleep..."Don't love sleep or you will become poor!"

So, it's time that I stop the deal making and prove Sheriff wrong. There is more to live for...perhaps it requires being awake to discover what it is!