Living on Sabbath Time: Day 2/31

Living on Sabbath Time: Day 2/31

  •  “Becoming a Christian is the work of a moment: being a Christian is the work of a lifetime.”
Gotta be a “papa” for a minute! Now does that smile look like someone stressed out over managing their time? That is what s “Sabbath smile” looks like!

We’re hoarders of time.  We’re into managing time, budgeting time, and allotting time, but not just lavishing giving away time.  There is a place for wise time management, but management can quickly turn into rigidity and when that happens we choke spontaneity and childlike wonder.  People become interruptions, traffic jams become irritations and we’re always going somewhere but we’re never joyfully engaged where we are.

On this second day of our Sabbath month remember – Sabbath living is not about doing more, it is about stopping for a short season to find delight in what God has already provided.  Get ready to “spend” some time this month instead of hoarding time, maximizing time and managing time.  Relax, surrender, and admit that you are not really in control.  Start now by giving this month to God and watch how God gives you a better return on your time than you and your day timer could ever do.

Resting in Him!


P.S. The church will be open at 6:00 p.m. this evening for prayer.