Living on Sabbath Time: Day 30/31

Living on Sabbath Time: Day 30/31

Part 2

Reflection Question: What did I do on this day that was of eternal value?

“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – e.e. cummings

     Probably the toughest of the daily reflection questions is this one.  I dread it someday for I know that I have done little or nothing that was of true eternal value.

However, like I wrote yesterday, these questions are scales that we can weigh our soul on, for someday everything that we do will be put to the test and only those things of eternal value will stand the test (1 Cor. 3:12-13).

But here is the good news (and I’ve thought about this a lot!), you will be surprised at what has eternal value.  One way to determine if something is of eternal value is to think “B-E-S-T.”

Somedays the most eternal thing I do is to become like a little child and experience joy!

     Did you bless(shape ) anyone today?  Did you encourage anyone today, nudging them in the direction of God?  Did you serve anyone today by doing what was in their best interest?  And did you touch anyone today with the love of Jesus?  These activities can be of eternal significance if they are done to connect people with Jesus Christ.  You cannot take money or the things that money buys into eternity but you can take people.

Other things that are of eternal value is time spent with Jesus.  Take for example your spouse, children or special friend.
Which do you think matters more to them: the fact that you did a lot of important things at work or that you spent time with them.  Jesus feels the same.  Please my dear friend, don’t get to Heaven and discover that Jesus is a stranger to you!

Another benefit of a consistent devotional life is that it develops your character.  Remember, who you are is who you will be in Heaven; one of the things you will take into eternity is your character, so anything you do to improve who you are has eternal value.

Another thing I try to be sensitive to everyday is “God-appointments.”  Most of you know me pretty well and you know that I am a stickler for being organized; I have each day of my life pretty much planned.  However, I’ve learned that many of the things I do that are of eternal value are the unexpected opportunities that cross my path for me to serve and minister to someone.  I think of one event this week.  I had just arrived at the office with a full slate of things I had planned to get done.  As I was making my usual walk through the office speaking to everyone (of eternal value) a man came in that had just lost his job…what to do?  I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit telling me that this was a God-appointment.  I postponed getting to my “to do” list and took a few minutes to listen and pray with my troubled brother.  He left encouraged and with a renewed commitment to trust in God; that was of eternal value.

Bottom line, every day has the ordinary chores and duties of this life; that is not a bad thing, but do not allowed the rush of the routine and urgency of the emergency to push out the eternal.

Eternally grateful,