Mark Williams latest sermon had to do with Mary's song,…

Mark Williams latest sermon had to do with Mary’s song, The Magnificat. This week the backdrop had tasteful Christmas lights and I know of no Christian program that has better eye appeal than the new appearance at the North Cleveland CoG. This week I tried to compare William’s overall appearance and sermon with what is on national TV and I could think of no one who is doing a better job.
He kept the tone of Mary’s exuberance throughout the message and didn’t bring up what I did in our S.S. class. Which was that this was not a prophecy for as a prophecy her great expectations have not been fulfilled. The unborn baby in Elizabeth’s womb that leaped for joy was beheaded while he was still a young man. Jesus her own son would be rejected when they choose Barabbas instead. Her great hope for the Jews has also been a disappointment. In 70 A D, Jerusalem was destroyed and the Jews have been widely persecuted in almost every country they have lived in since that time. The lesson I think is that life is often a great emotional journey with high hopes and joy one day and deep sorrow and disappointments at other times.

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