MY BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE In this day i became abreathing soul…

MY BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE In this day i became abreathing soul…

In this day i became abreathing soul in this beautiful eden of God’s creation, born last of six siblings by divine design from the heart of Arua, Uganda among the lugbara, a heritage am thankful for & a gift of countless stars of friends I’ve had & places that have shaped me.

This life has surely been a remarkable two decades journey through the vastness of life, like the water waves freely soaring above every storm against all odds I’ve come through & still God you have remained a faithful pillar i have & all my rest on.

Well this year i purposed to dedicate my significant BIRTHDAY THANKSGIVING as a Healing Tribute to one special personality in my life. A soul that has shaped my life and made a lasting differnce in the course of my journey. For since that day I’ve never been the same again

Seventeen years ago on a Tuesday morning at the tender age of 14, as a small boy and newly converted to Christ in our family samba as i cultivated by the slopes of River Enyau along the banks of the valley all alone with the company of only the hoe in between my hands & my radio echoing from the distant end as it played Radio Voice of Life.

Then all of a suddenly a peculiar symphony of a classical note greeted my ears and shortly therin beamed a graceful voice proclaiming so loud, clear & profound as it accompanied the colorful morning sunrise painting its sweet nutritious rays on my skin & brightening my eyes …something that caught my attention and drew my heart and soon i live the hoe to reach for the sounding of my radio in the distance having forgotten so soon enough that i was digging.

And behold a man spoke as he proclaimed with a compelling clarity of voice so profound full of grace declaring truth claims that “Jesus Christ is Lord and sovereign over every embodiment of life” and i was won & all stacked to the hearing of his convincing voice.

My heart desired & yearned eargerly with the joy of excitement at that annointed voice i was hearing for the very first time, so captured in attention my eyes were flooding in coviction for in someway this voice streamed radiantly with my DNA as i could feel the beating of my heartbeat within my bloodstream, something I knew in that moment i was bound to become one day

Soon i started pursuing this voice and the man of God with the limited access though but he was there always 7:30am Easr Africa Time on Voice of Life Fm answering questions of faith clearing my doughts as he expounds the word of God.
To this date i follow his life & ministry closely which has left a limitless impact and am sooo blessed to CLELEBRATE the man of God Mentor, Apologist Evangelist & founder of RZIM, Ravi Zacharias

Today as i turn 29, he sits in an important place in my heart at age of 74 still a zealous man of God and the gospel, so full of faith, profound & deeply insightful in thought & wisdom, eloquent in clarity of speech and graceful in countenance still committed & faithful to the gospel having spent the last 48 yrs of his journeying life seasonlessly commending the Christian faith and addressing life’s great existential questions of Origin, Meaning, Morality & Destiny.

He met Christ as a dying hopeless teenager on the bed of suicide in a hospital in India, Ravi fully believes the truth of Jesus Christ can endure the toughest critiques and philosophical attacks. He has authored or edited over 25 books.

Indeed a broken man he is having gone through various back surgeries was in march diagnosed with very rare cancer in its aggressiveness & according to the doctor there’s no further option of treatment left.
But i believe God’s perfect will shall sustain Ravi in health and wholeness to restore him back i ministry …this is the miracle working God i know
Faithful to his servants.

And i hereby dedicate my Special birthday to offer prayers together with all those celebrating with me to this soul Ravi Zacharias
Jeremiah 8:22 There’s a balm in Gilead Jesus your master and the great physician
May he come through for you on wings of healing to restore you in health and whole
See you soon on the roads
Get well soon dad
Warm prayers for Margie & the RZIM fraternity
Love you

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