My Saturday advice…determine your “Freedom Number”

Good morning!

First of all let me state up front that if I could inspire, encourage, and equip you to do only one thing it would be to read the Bible – specifically, to reflect on Scripture for meaning in your life.  So before doing anything else today PLEASEEEEEE read and reflect on the Bible.

However, I also suggest that you make a little to work on your “freedom number.”  Your “freedom number” is the amount of money you need to work for God for free.

If you will take the time to do this and allow it to shape your financial decisions going forward it will radically improve your life (for the better!).

First it helps you determine what “enough” is.  Far too many people go through life never experiencing the satisfaction of being able to say as Paul, “I have learned to be content” (Philippians 4:11).  You can have an ever-increasing amount of “stuff” while at the same time have an ever-increasing sense of lack.   Determining you freedom number fights that.

Another issue that your freedom number helps you with is the “Lordship issue.”  If Jesus is truly Lord of your life then your
life is not really about a job or career or any other thing outside of Jesus’ best plans for your life.  In the same way that having more and more doesn’t satisfy, an ever improving career track or retirement plans will not satisfy.  Living life without doing what Jesus has planned for your life is like be the world’s expert at clinophobia; interesting but hardly worth living your entire life for.

Another issue that determining your freedom number will help you with is the “stewardship issue.”  You do know that any money and “stuff” that you may have is not really yours don’t you?  Managing your resources in light of your freedom number will go a long way in helping you be a good steward of the resources that Jesus has entrusted to you.

So my advice today is take a little time this Saturday and begin the process of determining your “freedom number” so that you can get started on your “Father’s business.”

  • Side note: Jesus started working on His Father’s business at age twelve but didn’t go fulltime until he was thirty (18 years); so don’t feel bad if it takes a few years to go “full time” working for Jesus.
  • And by the way, “clinophobia” is the fear of beds.

And that’s my advice for today.  Blessings dear friend…