New Business is Born

The last week I have been involved in a contest with a photo that I took in Florida on our last vacation. The outcome of that contest is totally up in the air and we will just have to wait until July 29th to find out who the winner is. However, I have already reaped tremendous blessings from this. I cannot tell you the number of requests I have had to purchase copies of my photo. I printed a couple of them out as gifts, and then the requests kept pouring in and I simply could not keep paying for them. I began looking for a way to set something up on my website to sell them, and I discovered a place that allows me a place to not only sell prints, but to turn them into greeting cards as well. It also licenses my pictures so that they could possibly used in professional formats such as television, movies and magazines. Who knows? My new site is up and running with the first photos published, and I will be adding many more in the coming days. Check it out at

To help launch my new site, I am offering a 20% discount to the first 10 customers who make any purchase on my site. Just enter the discount code:  XRJUUK

Pray with me that this might become another source of income and opportunity for my family and I.  And thanks again to everyone who has supported me in this contest and helped to give birth to a new dream!  Words cannot express my gratitude!