She swirls the last of her black coffee
Mindlessly around in her cup
As she stares out the window
At her normal booth
At her normal time
At her normal diner.

But she…
Well, she’s anything but.

She drove here in a 1985 Ford pickup
Flannel shirt flapping in the breeze
Cigarette hanging out of her mouth
5 year old girl in princess pajamas on her hip
Unafraid to work her fingers to the bone
Not depending on someone else
Dreaming her own dreams and accomplishing them herself.

It’s just normal.

Not working for pay
But for a child
Working for dreams
Of a world where a woman can accomplish anything she wants to.

Staring across the table into those bright 5 year old eyes
She speaks words of life:
“Don’t let anyone deny you,
Don’t let anyone put you in your place,
Sometimes life’s a race
And you feel you can’t keep the pace,
But your dreams belong to you,
Nobody else can keep them from coming true
And one day this won’t just be for the few

It’ll be normal.”

KW '12