Not going back…

I thought the Sound of Praise summed up perfectly my attitude going forward following July’s “Sabbath month” when they sang the lyrics, “I’m not going back, I moving ahead…”

I will not – must not – go back to “business as usual.”  I will not allow Sabbath to become a joyless and legalistic duty but I cannot go back to living my life as if the fourth commandment means nothing.  I will obey the fourth commandment and I will do so with delight because I know that it is in my best interest and (most importantly) I know that it will honor the Lord of the Sabbath, Jesus Christ.

I have found that a good way to stay on track is by taking time in my daily prayer time to answer a set of reflection questions that I have developed over the years.  I wrote about one of them last week.  What I’d like to do over the next few days is walk you through my reflection questions as perhaps a template to use in your own life.   The one that I’d like for us to take a look at today is:

Reflection Question: What areas do I most need the help and anointing of God?

 Just asking this question each day does at least three good things:

First, it reminds you that you need help!  It is so easy to fall for the trap of turning God into a EMT (Emergency Medical Tech).  If you are not careful you will lean on your own understanding and strength throughout the day and never stop to ask for God’s help except during those moments when “you need help.”  I want to remind you (and myself!) that we need help all the time.  Matter of fact, we can do nothing without God’s help!  The following three bible verses would be good verses to read concerning this: Proverbs 3:5-6, John 15:5, Acts 17:28.

This question is also a reminder that you, yes you, need the anointing.  Don’t turn the anointing into a “church word” make it a life word (Zechariah 4:6).  Most people never think in terms of needing the anointing and thus they never experience the joy and benefit of being anointed as they go about their daily lives.  My dear friend, just think what you could do if your were anointed of God to do it!

And finally this question will help you stay pure for how can you ask God to anoint you to do something that is not

Now, can’t you see how taking a few minutes each day to answer this question could have great benefit?

Moving ahead,