Nugget of the Week Monday January 14, 2019

A Year of Fulfilled Promises

At the beginning of the year the Lord told us at OCI, that this would be “a year of fulfilled promises.” That the words that have been spoken over this house and our lives were going to take place this year. Wow, what a way to start off the New Year! As the word was being released, I began to think of the promises that the Lord has spoken over the years. The battles and the prayers that have gone into those words and in one moment I was hit with tears of relief, excitement and joy.

Before the word was ever given the Lord had already been speaking to several of the leaders and staff members about new ideas and strategies for this year. We were already excited and filled with great expectation going into this new year, but now even more so that the word of fulfilled promises has been released over the house. We are believing for greater this year. That more souls will be saved, and lives will be changed in this one year then all the years combined throughout this ministry. We know the promises the Lord has given us and we are standing on them and believing that they will take place this year.

As partners of our Ministry you are connected to the house and we are believing that this will be a year of fulfilled promises for you as well. So, pull out the journals, the dreams written down and watch God fulfill them this year.