One For the Books!

Our The church where I pastor lost a precious woman this past Sunday morning, and I have to share a story that took place at the time of her death. Ruth Lough, who was 95 years old, passed away after battling back after several heart attacks since November. Ruth was just a gem, a woman who was such a joy to be around, and she will be missed.  I'm going to miss the times just sitting and listening to her tell stories from her life. For real, I'd  have loved to have been around this lady in her younger years, because this woman was an absolute character! (I'm laughing as I write this, because I am recalling her stories.) Just to tell you a snippet of what she was like at 95... until the time of her health issues last fall, she "took care of" her older sister who lived in an apartment near her every day. Both of these women, 95 and 104 lived on their own at that age! They got together pretty much every day to play cards and spend time together. Ruth seldom watched TV, she was an avid reader. Seldom did I walk into her place that she did not have a book, magazine or newspaper in front of her. I could go on... but let me tell you the story. Before I do, I have to tell you, that Ruth loved the Lord and she loved coming to church. I have no doubt that we will see her again in heaven.

I was not present when she passed away, but her son and daughter in-law conveyed this story to me. They received a call  in the wee hours of the morning Sunday stating the Ruth was having severe complications and that she was being taken back from the nursing home where she was in extended recovery, to the ER. The family new it was serious and they were trying to get all the family to the hospital to say their good byes. Mark told me that his mom was so weak that she could not lift her hands or even open her eyes. The monitor in the room told the story as her heart continued to  slow down and skip beats. Some of the family had still not made it to the hospital, and they said that Ruth was obviously fighting, holding on, as if to wait until the family arrived. Still, the monitor stilled, and after a short time, the doctor told the family that she was gone and that there was nothing more that could be done, and he called the time of her death. As they were saying their good byes other family arrived and they told them of Ruth's death. The doctor had put his coat on and was getting ready to leave the hospital when suddenly, Ruth took a deep breath, sat straight up in the bed, threw her arms into the air (as if in praise) smiled at her son, and said, "I love you!"  She then fell straight back onto the bed, and was gone. Of course, everyone in the room was in absolute shock, including the doctor, who was on his way out the door. He came back into the room, and after examining her, called the time of her death for the second time. He turned to the family and told them that these things just don't happen and it was like something you only see on TV.

That was Ruth. She always did things with flair. Even in death, she shocked everyone!
Gonna miss that woman.