One of the statements the G O made in his…

One of the statements the G O made in his 4/28/16 webcast was; ” we are seeking to learn strategies, of how to build multiple campuses and how to multiply the Church of God around the world.” Certainly there is a need to speed up the process of reaching the world. Population experts predict that the world will have a net gain of about 55 million this year. Of the 7.7 billion souls on planet earth right now perhaps as many as 4 billion have not heard enough of the true gospel to be really true believers.
Even in a heavily churched area like Cleveland/Bradley County, Tn. with it’s 100,000 population, City Data.Com lists 30,000 as ” nones. ” My pastor friends list these as ” burned over ” fields. at any rate they will need to be reached in a slightly different way, a way that so far they have turned down.

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