One thing we Americans hold dear

One thing we Americans hold dear

One thing we Americans hold dear to our heart is the opportunity to express our-self in the election process. Many, however don’t thing that their vote means any thing. I have heard it said that my vote doesn’t count so why vote? If you feel like being patriotic pleas feel free to re-post this. The next time you ask if one votes count, consider the following:

# 1. 1776, by one vote gave America the English language, over German.

# 2. 1920, by one vote women were given the wright to vote.

# 3 – 1994, the House of Representative enacted a law

# 4. 1993, the U.S. Senate approved a tax increase by one vote.

#-5 – 1850 California was admitted to the union by one vote.

# -6-. In a 1999 city election in Hillsborough County, Florida, one of the city council candidates won by one vote.

# -7- 1941, Selective Service act (draft) was passed by one vote margin, this was done just one week before Pearl Harbor. Dec. 7, 1941.

#- 8- I962, the governors of Maine, Rhode Island and North.

# -9- 1923, November 8, members of the them recently formed revolutionary political party, by one vote chose Adolph Hitler to be the leader of the Nazi Party.

#-10- 1889, by one vote margin, Idaho became a state.

#-11- 1645, one vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England.

#-12-1824, the House of representatives defeated front runner Andrew Jackson by one vote and elected John Quincy Adams as the nations 6th President.

#-13- 1714, one vote placed King George I on the throne of England and restored the monarchy.

# -14- 1800, when the results of the electoral college votes were opened, there was a tie for President between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Barr. The tie was broken by one vote, placing Jefferson as president.

# -15- The Alaska Purchase of 1867 was rectified by just one vote.

#- 16- 1890, by one vote margin, Idaho became a State.

# -17- 1868, one vote in the U. S. Senate saved President Andrew Jackson from impeachment.

# -18- 1889 by one vote margin Washington was admitted to statehood.

# -19- 1846, a one vote margin in the U.S. Senate approved President’s request for a Declaration of War against Mexico.

# -20- 1845, Texas was admitted to statehood by one vote.

So I ask you to express your God given privilege as an American to vote. Luchen Bailey.

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