Our Lord Is Amazing!

Hello All,

I'm back in action again, that's my internet connection fixed.

I wanted to share what happened on Sunday night at Inverness, when I was there with Armands as he preached. As you know Armands and his family were over from Latvia, visiting us for a week. After the sermon there was a call for prayer and ministry and 8 people came forward. Myself and Armands prayed for many issues and problems however the most exciting time came at the end of the line...

Last in line for prayer was a girl from Latvia (yes Latvia) who wanted to give her life to the Lord. WOW! Armands spoke to her in her native language and led her to the Lord. It was truly wonderful to see and hear. It amazed me that Armands came from Latvia to Scotland and preached in Inverness just as Skaidrite felt convicted to give her life to Jesus. I love the timing of my Lord!

While we were in Latvia last year I bought a Latvian Bible and I'd looked at it only a couple of times since. I actually thought about this Bible last week as I saw it on my shelf, wondering why I brought it back. I know now why I brought it back - it was so that I could send it to Skaidrite today. I love the way my Lord works!

Please remember Skaidrite in your prayers, not only is she a new Christian, but she is away from her family working in a strange country. Pray that she will read the Word and live by it. I love my Lord's Word!

I just love my Lord!