Pause and Reflect 2008-10-07 12:37:00

Virginia State ministers meeting is ongoing this Monday and Tuesday. I am unable to be there today (Tuesday), but last night I went to see and say goodbye to some friends who have become dear to us over the last four years.

In an unexpected turn of events, not only was I able to receive wisdom from our (Virgina's) State Youth Director, Pat Wright, an experienced director who has poured into my life over the past two decades, but also the Bishop was favorable to us.

During the vision casting service (which was awesome), the Bishop had me stand and recognized me "not for staying, but for going". Many of the men didn't yet know about our appointment to Northern New England, but all were enthusiastic in their applause.

I don't seek or desire applause, but the affirmation that the men of Virginia are behind us as we embark was encouraging. We even confirmed some preaching opportunities.

Continue to pray that God continues to amaze us with his Providence and Provision, with his Sovereignty and Sustaining hand.