Pause and Reflect 2009-09-30 13:54:00

One full year! I arrived on October 17th, the family followed on Thanksgiving day. Looking back it seems like longer; so much has happened in this time.

Our minister's meeting was quite an experience. Meeting the ministers, presenting a program, having been in the region less than a week. The outgoing board was indispensable as they helped me put together my presentation.

Our most memorable Thanksgiving, as we drove into town and had lunch at Old Country Buffet! It didn't seem like a sacrifice, we were entering a new season of God's call on our lives. We are so thankful for all of you who have helped us fulfill that call.

Then there was the collapse of the housing market, the freezing of the credit markets and the unexpected exodus of our renter in Kentucky. As Christmas approached we had to sign a lease with two houses to sell and no bank in the country lending money. Facing two voluntary foreclosures (we never missed a single payment on either house) God brought a miracle just in time.

Christmas banquet, Prayer Conference, Ladies Conference, Campmeeting, Youth Camp: the year has run by so fast. We've made relationships that will last forever. We know this because we still have friendships in Indiana, Kentucky, and Virginia that have survived time and distance.

Coming up in October we have the freedom to do some things we've been wanting to do, since there is no minister's meeting to prepare for this year.

Amanda is hosting a girls sleepover in Waterville, ME October 9 and 10. She is expecting some 50 girls from 3 states. Her theme is Face to Face (playing off of Facebook). She's emphasizing getting face to face with God and face to face with friends. In a day where text messaging has replaced conversation, face time is so important. Real relationships provide real accountability and lead to real spiritual formation.

October 23-25 is the Not Your Ordinary Leadership Conference. Due to facility restrictions, we are limiting it to 12 high school juniors and seniors and college age adults. We are going to explore postmodernism, and post-postmodernism and how these philosophies affect ministry now and into the future. We'll be emphasizing servant leadership with ministry opportunities in the homeless shelter, Angelfood ministry, and working with the inner-city ministry: the Root Cellar. Participants will be set on a path to potentially work internships in some of our churches next summer.

We are excited about what God has done and what he is going to do in the coming year!

The Woodruffs

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