People Can Get So Goofy

Today while I was preaching on Overcoming the Grasshopper Mentality, I broke into a side note about tithing. There is one thing I have noticed over the years... if you want to absolutely KILL the atmosphere in a heartbeat... bring up tithing! 
I've done this a long time now... and I know that whenever you start talking about money and obedience... people get GOOFY!
I mean, people will be all with you when you start talking about blessings...
They are in the hallelujah choir when you are talking about healing and deliverance...
They'll shout the house down when you start talking about casting out the devil...
And they'll drive half way across the state to hear someone prophecy...
But start talking about money and giving!
Well... "He's meddling now! Who does he think HE is?"
The talk begins, "All they want to do is talk about money at that church!"
They'll eat everything else in the Bible up... but when you get to money and giving... they'll challenge you with... "That's not New Testament!"
They'll argue if 10% comes before or after taxes.
Do I have to tithe on the $1000 I won at Bingo last week?
Come on... you know I'm telling the truth!
People get absolutely GOOFY when you start talking about money!

But isn't this tithe and offering thing in the same Bible as the other things they are so excited to shout about? As I said this morning... your giving reveals your heart.
And that's enough said about that.

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