Persecution Complex: Jason Wiedel Shatters Our Delusion

Persecution ComplexAccording to Open Doors USA, an organization focused on Christian persecution around the world, every thirty days:

  1. 332 Christians are killed for the faith
  2. 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed
  3. 772 forms of violence are committed against Christians (including beatings, abductions, rapes, arrests, and forced marriages)

In light of statistics like this, it’s always amazing to me when I hear Americans talk about the persecution they are suffering. I talked a little bit about it last February in a post entitled, Help! I’m Being Persecuted . . . Aren’t I? 

On top of this weird idea that many American Christians have that they’re being persecuted is the strange, strident conviction that this shouldn’t be the case. In a religion where the founder promised persecution to his followers and its church was birthed in a climate of oppression, you think people would not only recognize true persecution, they’d expect it.

Who is fueling American Christianity’s persecution complex?

In Jason Wiedel’s new book, Persecution Complex, he discusses this important issue. Not content to point out that that this complex exists, Wiedel takes a hard look at where this persecution narrative is coming from, what makes it so attractive, why it’s dangerous, and how we can release ourselves from it.

It’s a brilliant little book (less that 150 pages) that’s as important as it is readable.

One of the things that makes it brilliant is the discussion questions for each chapter. If you have a small group or are considering putting one together, this would be a brilliant book to gather around.

Our perception matters

You might be asking yourself, “Why does this issue matter so much? Aren’t we losing our religious liberties? Who cares if some people are more strident about it than others?”

Here’s the issue: If you subscribe to a narrative that makes you a victim for being right, you’re going to become entrenched and combative. It seems completely counter-intuitive to adopt an antagonistic posture toward a culture that you wish to attract—especially when it’s based on folk tale.

I think Wiedel’s Persecution Complex does a bang up job of revealing that American Christianity’s problem is that we see the erosion of privilege as persecution—and it’s not.

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