Praying about more school…..I know, I’m insane:)

I’ve often counseled people to strive to be life-long learners. I really believe that we all should continue to learn, grow and stretch ourselves in our particular field and especially in His Word. Well, after completing my doctorate a few years ago I’ve really stunk it up on the continual learner thing. Yeah, I’ve been to conferences, read a book or two and maybe perused a journal or two. But, I’ve not really continued to better myself in leadership, educating others (discipleship).

I few weeks ago my dad mentioned doing a PhD online in leadership. It truly got my juices flowing again. I’ve been reading EVERY school’s academic pages online. Then, the other day, a close friend and colleague mentioned pursuing a PhD in education. You guessed it…I’ve now been investigating Christian education schools and degrees.

Herein lies the problem, I KNOW that both journeys will be of great benefit in my life and the life of our congregation. (I say journey because I am by no means in need of the degree-it’s the knowledge, experience and expertise I need and desire).

Leadership: Well, do I really need to layout the benefits and facts. I will only say, leading change, cultural shift, organizational development, systems, organizational diagnosis and implementation are paramount needs and issues facing most congregations. If our congregation ever sees a leadership transition, this journey would be beneficial. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

Education: Training, teaching, preaching and equipping the Body to do the work of ministry is what being a pastor is all about. Studies show our congregations feel a lack of challenge in their spiritual development. Biblical and spiritual illiteracy are rampid within the church at large. Some of the most drastic shifts and challenges of leading congregational/cultural change lay within shifting models and methods of discipleship and learning.

There you have it. Insight into my current prayers. Your thoughts…I’m I crazy? Which one do you see as the greatest need/benefit? I do have doctorate in leadership, but it’s focus is not leading cultural change. I am totally split down the middle. Jump in!!

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