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15 thoughts on “Prophecy fulfillment is unfolding. ?

  1. John Prewett says:

    as per Revelation 19,
    Jesus returns on the LAST DAY of the reign of the BEAST
    So ya better learn/know how to identify the BEAST.

    First announcement will be made that JFK is alive on earth.

    Satan’s elites and MSMedia will not call him the BEAST,
    rather they will call him Mr Wonderful and encourage people to think he is God. They will heap scorn on all who identify him as the BEAST.

    So ya better learn/know how to identify the BEAST.

  2. Johnny Arnold Sr. says:

    These things must come to pass before the rest of the Bible is fulfilled and we live in glory with our Lord, time is near repent so all can live in glory

  3. Stephen FY Teng says:

    >>>The latest & final revelation of the risen Jesus is in the book of Revelation:
    Rev 1-3 : Jesus stern message to the 7 Churches.
    Rev 4 : Church rapture of the dead & alive in Christ, as represented by John.
    Rev 5-18 7-yr tribulation or Jacob’s troubles with 2 OT prophets & 144,000 Jewish evangelists to confirm Daniel 9 :27 & to the unbelieving Jews, period !!! Many left behind church fence-sitters/doubters & all unbelievers from all religions after witnessing the said rapture will cry out to Jesus to save them & many new believers will be martyred & immediately resurrected & are called tribulation saints.
    Rev 19-21 Jesus returns to earth to Mt Olives together with His Church Bride for the millennium Kingdom together with the saved remnant Jews & tribulation saints. Satan, demons & all unbelievers will be cast into the hell of fire forever.
    Rev 22 New earth & new heaven for all believers ( Gentiles & Jews ).

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