Recruit and Retain – Lessons 6 and 7

People normally avoid commitments, but need a time frame.

People need regular, consistent, and encouraging communication from their leader.

I think that have already hit on both of these, but let me provide a few closing thoughts on them.

When people decide to help out, give them numerous time frames. I would suggest one month, six month, school year, and one year options. I would always undersell to people who do not seem sure. Start off with the one month, almost always, especially for people who are fairly new (3 months attending  is minimum to begin serving). Our society is committed to so much that often our faith practices play second fiddle to the rest of life, people need to know this will not be forever. Make sure there is a clear stop date. Also make sure to up your recruiting to cover the 10-20% that will not renew their commitment.

Consisten communication, obviously a big one. I will rank in order of importance, start at step one. 

1. Communicate regularly with parents about what you are discussing with them and upcoming events.

2. Communicate with your volunteers, try to do a face meeting (large or small) every other month.

3. Communicate with the church at large and small, speak in the adult service, be present once every two months in the adult service. Attend staff  meetings and be a voice concerned with the faith community as a while and for kids in particular.

4. Communicate with your local elementary school, be an advocate for the teachers in your neighborhood.

5. Communicate with other children’s leaders through online communities such as for pastors and for teachers.

You are not alone, you are struggling with the same issues that someone else is and probably within 5 miles of you!