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Exciting News from Perry Stone

I must confess we were we were stunned to see the mighty power of God released on attendees of the recent Reformation Part 1 Gathering! We anticipated many youth and while hundreds did attend there were numerous adults and seniors also worshiping in the crowd. The Holy Spirit spoke to me and said "These senior saints were born in the fire of revival years ago and they long to see the fire burn again." We experienced an electrifying demonstration of God's Spirit on Saturday night that was unlike anything I have seen in over fifteen years!


I rarely share comments from Pam from our meetings, however, she has told numerous individuals that this was the best meeting she has seen and that Damon Thompson preached two of the best messages to transform the wrong thinking of believers that she has ever heard!


Our intent was only to make DVD's and CD's available to the attendees. However, we had almost 75 additional CD's and DVD's and want to make them available to you in the next seven days while they last. There are a total of five messages from the event. Two were preached by Damon Thompson, one by Mark Casto, and two by myself. The CD's include only the message and the DVD's include the message and much of the service. These 5 CDs and DVDs come in individual paper jackets and may be purchased individually. They are available from our website using the link provided below.


Perry Stone Jr. 






Perry is excited about this event and wanted to share it with you! Further, he is excited about OCI-The Extreme Cleveland youth church and the hunger for more of God among this generation! Thank you for your prayers for Perry Stone Ministries as we continue to pursue more of what God has in store!




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