Restoration Ministries

Restoration Ministries

Associate Missionaries David and Vickie Byrd serve in Guatemala and direct the Restoration Ministries.

Restoration, as defined by Webster’s, is the act of returning something (or someone) to a former place or condition. The Bible holds countless examples of restoration in various forms. Restoration Ministries sometimes goes to unusual measures in fulfilling “restoration.”

One such instance was restoring a local pastor’s hearing aid. Pastor Catalina lives in the village of Tapaun. She had asked the Byrds to have it repaired while they were in the States. Walking into a hearing aid office, David boldly asked for a miracle of repair. Minutes later, the tech returned with the repaired hearing aid. A miracle was furthered experienced when David inquired of the repair cost and the man said, “Nothing!”

Baby formula recipient Guatemala
School supplies Guatemala

Restoration Ministries continues to minister in the necessary ways attributed to restoration … babies receive baby formula, students receive financial assistance for Middle and High School, along with school supplies and shoes, and the Hope and Future Feeding Center provides a hot bowl of chicken soup with vegetables, two tortillas, and a glass of Kool-aid each week for an average of 55 children and 14 mothers. In the cooler seasons, blankets are provided for families and senior adults.

Restoration is an on-going ministry.

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