Yes, that is Jesus on the phone. At least He had the courtesy to step outside for His call.

My new pet peeve is cell phones ringing during worship services. Actually, it’s not a new pet peeve, it’s been around for a long time. Which makes it even harder to understand why people have not mastered the art of muting their phones.

During the announcements, we regularly request that people turn the volume down. People chuckle and do nothing. Nearly every week while I am preaching, someone’s phone rings. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have been at THE most crucial point of the message only to have us all distracted by a ringing phone. At the risk of sounding hyper-spiritual, I believe that there is a diabolical (meaning from the devil) plan to distract us from the Word. I am about to cast out some devil from our services!

Recently, some leaders have suggested as potential solutions: public humiliation, a communal stomping of the ringing cell phones and open-air floggings. These are beginning to sound feasible.

By the way, we can’t legally install signal scramblers; that has also been considered.

I am open to suggestions…  anyone? Maybe the church below has a good idea…

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