Rio Missions

Rio Missions

Ron Hepperly, regional superintendent of Southeast Asia Region, is also director of RIO Missions. Its vision and mission are “to go boldly in Christ where no one dares, to shine His light, to share His name, to meet the need, to help, to feed, to reach this world ‘til Kingdom come.”

RIO Missions has experienced 15 years of global impact, reaching 500,000 individuals from whom 180,000 professed Jesus as Lord of their lives, and 500 churches were planted. Much of RM’s ministry is to break the cycles that keep the vulnerable oppressed and bound in slavery, poverty, and addiction.

The RIO network is based in Maryville, Tennessee, near Knoxville. Recent teams to India and Panama planted approximately 300 churches in six months. Global Fire Advance is moving at an astounding rate. Pastor Jack Niedermayer from Life Springs Church in Orlando, Florida, assisted in training over 200 leaders in India to take the Gospel to their communities. Church planting training was held in Panama where student pastors are planting churches at an unbelievable pace.

Ron Hepperly and RIO Missions is excited about where God is taking them and 2019 is going to be the busiest year yet. One way to help assist this dynamic ministry is through M25—Matthew 25—a monthly giving program that impacts the reach of RIO Missions. Through M25, RM buys plane tickets, Bibles, supplies for inmates, lodging, transportation, translators, and all the other necessary items to make a trip happen.

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