Salvation isn’t a flu shot

Salvation isn’t a flu shot, it’s not a one time occurrence

It’s a walk to a certain destination (Heaven)

You won’t arrive to that destination if you leave the main and only road (Jesus)

Be loyal to Jesus until the end be, don’t deny him and he won’t deny you.

It will cost you your life

“He who endures to the end, shall be saved” Matt 24:13

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  1. My brother you might not know this but that understanding is so misleading and against what the bible would’ve wanted us to be preaching. The Reason Jesus came was not about salvation, or the cross, or born again or the resurrection or healing and many other things that Christianity preaches. Those were the means to an end. Jesus brought a government with Him upon His shoulders to give back to man what they lost from the very beginning. That is why Jesus only preached the Gospel of the kingdom.

  2. Faith and Grace is there for all of us to use.. but it is up to us whether to use that faith and do the works that Jesus asks of us to feed the hungry clothe the naked shelter the homeless visit the imprisoned care for the widowed.. if we bear no fruit we may suffer the fate of the barren fig tree and be cursed .. fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Let us continue to work out our Salvation daily with fear and trembling. Remembering God’s mercy given to us in Christ and Remembering his Justice also

  3. Yazan Khawaja Matthew 24 is in the context of the end times. Matthew 24:13 is referring to the Jewish people at the end of tribulation.

    See what has to happen for Jesus to return is Israel has to collectively come to God on his terms in order to have the blessings of the messianic Kingdom. Israel rejected that kingdom when Jesus offered it on that first Palm Sunday. Every Jewish tongue at tribulation will confess Jesus as their king (that is the purpose of tribulation, the salvation of the jewish nation).

    So what Matthew 24:13 is saying if every Jew has to confess Jesus as king (at the end of tribulation) for him to return, than if a jew is alive and making a confession of salvation than they will be saved.

    It has nothing to do with loosing one’s salvation.

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