School & Dorm Wars & Other Stuff

So... my life has kind of been hectic lately!! Starting with last week I had DORM WARS...

This is the funnest thing ever!!! The gym is packed out with people and all of the dorms nominate 7 people to be on the team. First, all the teams come out and do a dance or just something to do, I don't know how to explain it, but most of the time it is funny and gets the crowd riled up. Then, there are three events that we do. First, there is an eating contest, and I have to say that it was EXTREMELY GROSS. Most of you know how picky I am about eating, but I'm not when it comes to eating contests. We had to eat 4oz of Spam (uncooked straight from the can), 25 cold green beans from a can, and it was all topped off with a load of whip cream. So I definitely had to eat it. It wasn't that bad actually, but the worst part was the whip cream because it just didn't taste right with the spam and green beans. When I only had 4 green beans to go though, whole green beans starting coming back up, but I forced everything back down, and I ate it all. Next, we have a shopping cart race where we have to take turns pushing and riding in a buggy down the length of the court, around the cone, and then back. Last, there is an obstacle course you have to do. This is the best event. You first have to do dizzy bat 5 times, then go through 8 tires, then dive through a barrel (I might add that I had pretty nasty carpet burn from this!), then you had to rope swing from one platform to another, run around a cone, and then jump over a 4-foot wall and run back. It was SOOOO MUCH FUN!! We did not win over all the dorms, but my old dorm Cross did. But, Blake's dorm did win overall, and it was really cool. That was it though, but I did come out of dorm wars with two things, a nasty carpet burn and a MASSIVE bruise on my thigh!!

That was that, but sorry I haven't written in so long. Last week and this week so far have been filled with things to do. Last week I had pop quizzes in two classes, and I had to give an informative speech in public speaking (I gave it on our missions trip to Peru just to let you know). But starting Saturday, I have studies SO much!!!!! Saturday I studied a lot for my Chemistry test and then I had to go over my Sunday School lesson I had to teach. Then, yesterday, me and my roommate went to Starbucks to study, and we studied for 3 hours there. Then today, I studied at Starbuck's again for 2 hours and then came back to the room and studied for a quiz in my 4 o'clock class. Let me add though for those of you in high school and especially those in college, your house and dorm room and even libraries and places like that are often hard to study in, but coffee shops are awesome. You guys should really consider going if you have some studying to do, or even if you want to go chill with some friends or read a book. Well, I took my Chem test tonight, and I might say I think it went well, but then after that, I went over to a friend's and we studied for a long time on our humanities test we have tomorrow. That is about all that has been going on, but after Wednesday it will all be over and then I have Spring Break. Just pray I do good on my test tomorrow, finish writing my paper for Western Civ, and do well on my public speaking quiz.

Well, I love you guys!! I will see all you guys this coming Sunday........ which is