Screw Change – A little less talk and more action.

I used to think I was someone who really could embrace change, especially when it meant being in a more beneficial place for me or the people I love.

I have lived in 5 different places in 10 years of marriage. I have worked at 2 schools, 2 churches, and have had 2 businesses in that time. I am really tired of change.

I just want to settle down.

I have found a place to worship that I genuinely enjoy in Story Church, so I really believe it is a place I want to be long term. Of course things change, but I really feel the need to commit and put it out there. I have found a group of people that I really enjoy and I have became a part of the community. It has been refreshing to just come to church as Chad, and not in any pastoral role. I do miss the pastoral role in some ways, but God is working on me in that area.

Goal #1 – ACCOMPLISHED – Suzanne has found a great job being a nanny to a wonderful family with a beautiful little boy. She has ended her 10 year sentence tenure of being a teacher. This was one of our goals in 2011. Honestly, I did not see this coming so quickly, and I am so happy it has happened.

Goal #2 – ALMOST ACCOMPLISHED – Get all of our debts, besides cars and school loans paid off. We are so close to this, I can taste it.

Goal #3 – 25% there – Lose the weight, get in shape for goal #4. More details on Goal #3 here on my 17 Day Diet blog.

Goal #4 – 0% – Begin classes to adopt a child this fall. Excited about this one the most. We have talked about this for years! This is the year!
So what has supported us in making these radical decisions? Honestly, I just got pretty sick and tired of life. We decided to make some goals. We have been going through a series called Courageous at our church and it has further pushed us onward to embrace the story we were meant to live!