Secret Pain

I actually went to be really early tonight (by my terms anyway) but only slept for maybe 45 minutes at the most. I had a dream that shook me badly, and I cannot shake it. I won't go into any detail, other than to say that the dream was about someone that I know and love dearly and in the dream, I saw this person standing before a full length mirror and taking a broken bottle and cutting herself all over her body... on her head, face, arms... everywhere. And I heard her say to herself as she looked in the mirror, "No one really knows you." 

Now I do not believe this young lady actually cuts herself, but I think this was a metaphorical dream. It so happens I've had other dreams about her in the past that were dead on the money with where she was and what she was contending with. And it troubles me deeply that it is after midnight and I cannot contact her and know she is OK. So I pray right now, "Lord Jesus, please watch over her and keep your hand on her and let her know that she is loved... just as she is. Protect her and wrap your arms around her Lord."  The great thing is, she knows Jesus, and I believe she will know his presence as he enters her room tonight.
The other thing that bothers me... is there are hundreds, if not thousands of young ladies (men too) who could read this, and think it was about them. There are so many walking around with a painted on smile on their face but on the inside, there is pain and loneliness. "God, touch them all tonight."