SEMISUD Impacting Students

South American Ministerial Seminary (SEMISUD) is making an impact on students and South America. The seminary offers bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, and certificate programs.

Currently, around 200 students from various countries attend. A majority of them study online or commute, and some stay on campus. They receive an accredited education and hands-on community experience.

Dr. Victor Cruz, current president of the seminary, says that their goal is to provide an opportunity for them to practice what they learn in the classrooms. A supervised ministry class is offered that requires them to go to a place in the community and be involved there. It can be a church, a hospital, a community center, or any program that they see as important to their own development and ministry. This is all a part of the goal for the community to be touched by the students lives as they serve.

Cruz has been president for the past three and a half months and has already seen the tremendous impact the school has.

“The majority of the Church of God leaders in South America went through SEMISUD,” Cruz said. “You can see the influence through the countries.”

He has also been moved by how passionate the staff is about their work.

“My heart is touched by how amazing the people are and how hard they work for so little,” he said.

The needs of the school currently include funds for scholarships, technology for the classrooms, and funds for maintenance issues.

A majority of the students can only attend SEMISUD if they receive a scholarship due to the low minimum wages of the countries that the students come from.

Looking ahead, Cruz’s vision is to emphasize church planting training and to bring in new programs, such as a bachelor’s program in leadership and a music and arts program. He also wants to work more in recruitment and bringing more Church of God ministers to the team.

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