Signs of a Cult and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy by Daniel…

Signs of a Cult and Pastor Apollo Quiboloy

by Daniel Rodger and Ryan Turner

Apollo Quiboloy is a typical example of many of errors that various cults demonstrate.1

Warning Sign # 1: Radical Exclusivism

Description: When you encounter a minister or ministry where only they have access to the “real” truth and it is something God has only given them, you should avoid them.

Quiboloy: “But as I said, I would not be distracted. What I am revealing to you, as it was revealed to me, was not revealed to others; that’s why nobody knows about it. And nobody can preach about it like I do.”

Analysis: This sort of exclusivism immediately sets off warning alarms, when a ‘Christian’ group starts asserting that you can only be blessed, successful and hear God’s word preached like this with them we must be immediately on our guard. His TV shows, sermons, and website are full of Scripture, but unfortunately, he gives only his personal interpretation. Sadly, his interpretation gives his audience no context, historical background, or the view that Christians have held the text to mean for nearly two thousand years. This has meant that he can make the most outrageous claims about himself while using scripture where Jesus is clearly talking about himself.

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