So someone posted on here earlier their observations after their…

So someone posted on here earlier their observations after their first day on this page. I wanted to share something I’ve noticed. I have seen posts on here that are thoughtful, respectful, and allow for open discussion. I’ve also seen people come on here with no other goal than to mock Christianity in general. I personally have no problem with either, as they both allow believers to make a defense of their faith (which is what apologetics really is).

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen posts in which it feels like the poster(s) are intent is to prove they are right that they forget that we are the body of Christ. Consider this for a moment- there are many divergent views on topics of theology, from speaking in tongues to eternal security and on and on. Why then do we see so many Scriptures that support our position, and so many that seem to contradict them? Could it be that God doesn’t see those theological differences nearly as important as we think they are?

I’ll end this with a quick story. Eight years ago I went to a place called Teen Challenge for a struggle in my life. While there I met a former pastor in another denomination. While we had differing views on some theological issues, we realized that we had much more in common- namely that we had surrendered our lives to Christ. I also ministered on the choir while there. We visited churches from several different denominations. Having grown up in one denomination, it was the first time that I saw how similar we all were.

So here’s my challenge for everyone here. When posting, or replying to a post, always remember the following two things: argue without being argumentative; disagree without being disagreeable. That is what true apologetics should be. I will stand with you as a brother and sister in Christ, even if we don’t agree on everything (btw, disagreeing doesn’t make you a heretic in my eyes either).

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