Social Justice?

This is the crap that is being spewed out across this nation by the likes of George Soros and Van Jones (and even our President) and sadly, people are eating it up. Give a quick viewing of this video (less than 2 minutes) and ask yourself... "Is this what we want?"
According to Mr. Jones... we should share the wealth... equally. I'm entitled to what Bill Gates has, or what the Walton family (Wal-mart) has... simply because I'm an American and it is "owed" to me.  So, what he is saying is that if I go out and work 40 hours a week (or more) on my job, and I am enterprising enough to start a small business on the side and earn an extra $15,000 on the side... I OWE it to the lazy so and so who lays in his house toking on a crack pipe and spreading his seed around like a dog having six kids with six different "women". (I use that term loosely.)  OK... not everyone is smoking crack, but the point is, people like this are saying that a person who works his tail off to achieve something and make something of himself should be forced to "share" the fruit of his labor with someone who does nothing.  

Here's a question everyone should be asking: If Van Jones really feels this way, why does he charge thousands of dollars for every speech he gives? Why does he not just endorse that check and hand it to someone in need?  The answer: He's a liar. He is getting wealthy off the poor slobs that are following after him chanting his mantra... much the way Al Gore did with his global warming rhetoric.

Ever notice that in Socialist nations... where everyone is supposedly equal... there are always those few who are at the top getting fat off of everyone else's "sharing"?  If you've not read it, or if you've not read it in awhile... read George Orwell's book "Animal Farm."
The quote comes to mind: "All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others."

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