Spiritual crisis as a deficit of freedom

Spiritual crisis as a deficit of freedom
Dr. Christo Berov

The crisis in Bulgaria deepens. Can be seen very clearly no longer only from Bulgaria, but also from abroad. Bulgarian who seek opportunities for physical survival, often forget that spiritual crisis – at the individual level and in society as a whole – is precisely the real problem.

In a society that is affected by poor spirits can not have a normal functioning political system can not create the economic environment for the satisfaction of material needs, there can be no peaceful way of life for people.

Freedom – true freedom – the freedom to remain spiritual. Freedom from sin is that aspiration of people in society, which is often directed towards tangible, consumer interests. Turn last rob fortitude and lead to a deficit of freedom, of free will. People samozarobvat to may be enslaved by others.

The outcome of the situation is only through spiritual rebirth. Only in this way could break the cycle of modern economic dependencies. Freedom to surrender in God’s hands is based not on fear for daily bread or work, but is based on faith and trust in the safe hands of God. Only with God’s help, the man could be released from dependence of the modern world that have one goal – to become the slave of man and not of God.

The consequences of these trends are clearly visible in Bulgaria. They are recognizable as large letters in books grader. But the majority of people can not recognize them, because seeing they do not see, listen but do not hear.

Freedom, if only human, selfish, not bogodaruvana leads to a patchwork of different symptoms. Freedom is a powerful tool that could work everything. Conversion of freedom in their own self-righteousness leads to degeneration. Then the replacement of terminology in society led to very lack of freedom.

The paradox that the doctor walked ill and shoemaker without shoes can be illustrated more clearly, if you just walk around the political reality of the country and a brief analysis of the political parties in the 42nd Parliament.

Where was the people who, as believers in God live according to God’s law? They remain outside the political representation of the country. Because they understand freedom as freedom from sin by the freedom to seek the path to God be with him.

This political system in Bulgaria will not last much. Some people are sanctified, when faced with such challenges. Others are sanctified through infinite patience. It is important not to lose that freedom that God gave them. It is more important than citizens’ rights and freedoms according to secular law of the state.

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