Stimulus Swamp

This is a swamp behind my house. It's actually much larger than this picture captures. I love hiking down to the swamp because one never knows what wildlife one will find. I've seen deer, ducks, frogs, and blue herons; there are beavers, bobcats, foxes, and coyotes. Walking through a swamp is difficult. I try to stay on the tops of the large clumps of swamp grass. Inevitably I will step on something that looks solid and end up in water up to my waist.

As I was walking through the swamp and meditating I thought of the latest stimulus bill signed today by President Obama. It's filled with potential pitfalls. It is guaranteed only to produce a dependency and socialization of banks, medical care, and the auto industry. There is no real guarantee of stimulating any real jobs. This is what happens when the foxes guard the henhouse.

There are many shoes yet to drop. The return of the "fairness doctrine" (to include the internet), the elimination of gun owner rights, the promotion of the homosexual agenda, the creation of life to be destroyed in stem cell research. Can God's judgment be far behind?