After sharing the message on Vision Sunday on how God is calling us to STRETCH the tent curtains wide, I got stretched literally the next day.  Met up with a couple of guys from church to start a workout routine and all we did was mostly stretching exercises.  Barely made it home for a quick shower and just knocked out.  The result: couldn't do all the reps, almost puked, almost passed out, sore two days later.  

When we stretch, we will be more vulnerable.  
When we stretch, we will be uncomfortable, unfamiliar
When we consistently stretch, we will be more flexible, pliable, and agile. 
When we stretch, we are trusting the process not looking for immediate results but transformation over time. 

Oh, was I talking about what my body will go through?  No, I was talking about out our minds, hearts, and lives.  If it's not costly, uncomfortable, or difficult it probably lacks the capacity to add value to your life. Let's not look for the safe easy way. Take the road less traveled. Get ready to be stretched and watch yourself get stronger in God and Him do amazing things in, for, and through your life. 


Enjoy The Ride, 

Pastor Cee