Sunday Sabbath Devotional: (Day 17/31)

Sunday Sabbath Devotional: (Day 17/31)

Third week Sabbath Greetings!

Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies by whether you’re working or resting.  Here it is already the third week of the
month; I feel like we’re just getting started and yet we’re over halfway through our Sabbath month.

Since time goes by so fast, why not live life in the best way.  I seldom eat sweets, not because I don’t like sweets, but because I like them too much!   So when I do eat desert I will often eat it first.  Over the years, I’ve gotten a few laughs when people asked me about why I was eating my desert first.  My respond is that Jesus might come or call before I get to the end of my meal and then I’d miss my desert.  Of course I’m only kidding, Heaven will be far better than even Krispy Kreme donuts:)

However, I think my logic is sound.  I’ve observed over the years that far too many people are afflicted with “destination
disease.”  Their philosophy in life is that someday I will do that or go there.  I want to ask them, “Why not now?”  There are no promises of a “someday.” 

I’m afraid that we often get afflicted with “destination disease” when it comes to practicing our faith as well.  For example, living a Sabbath life sounds so good but the pressures of the world around us are so demanding.  It is easy to just settle for “I’ll do that someday” – when life gets simpler, when I retire, when I get through this rough spot, etc. 

Our study this week will be centered on the fact that the Kingdom of Heaven is already here (Matthew 3:1-3, 4:16-18).   As far
as Jesus is concerned, you are already “there”.  As a devoted follower of Jesus you should already be living on Kingdom time
(Sabbath).  We are called to resist the pull of this world and to calibrate our lives around the priorities and plans of our king, Jesus Christ. 

Courage my dear friend!  Dare to live life God’s way.  You have his promise that your life will be better for it.  

Trusting in Him, dlk


SCRIPTURES: 1 Peter 2:9-10

  • Peter was wrote what we refer to as “1 Peter” to second generation Christians who had never seen Jesus in person.  In faith
    they had accepted the gospel message that had been proclaimed to them by the apostles and missionaries that had come to them.
  • Peter’s readers came from all over the Roman Empire.  There were many different nationalities, languages, customs and loyalties represented.  But Peter reminded them that no matter their “earthly” background, now that they were Christians they were a part of a new nation…a holy nation.
  • This had huge ramification for them and it does for us also.
  • ACTION ITEM: Take a moment and jot down the ways your life is different from the non-Christians that you interact with on a regular basis.
  • QUESTIONS: Are the differences between you and the secular world worthy differences?  Are they attractive to non-believers?  Do they bring you joy or are they more about duty?  And (be honest here) does your life really reflect the priorities and customs of the Kingdom of Heaven or are you more in tune with the priorities and customs of the secular world around you?  What do you sense the Holy Spirit leading you to do right now to better reflect the fact that you are a part of Kingdom of Heaven?