Reaching Inbox Bliss

[This is a reprint of an article published last year.] On a given day, my five email inboxes fill up with around 100 emails. The urge to read, respond, sort, and delete often proves overwhelming. I have to get the number back to zero before I can move on. I confess—it’s almost a compulsion. Unlike [...] »

Know Your Enemy

To most Americans who don’t know the Bible (especially younger Americans), Christians seem to be fighting a war against progressive ideas. Given the media portrayals of Christians denouncing this or that societal change, that’s an easy conclusion to reach. It would tie together what they know of our complaints and boycotts. Now, let me go [...] »

Love Your Life Away

Two black engines—that’s how close I was to missing the train altogether. Instead, I watched as graffiti-tagged boxcars rumbled in front of me as I idled in my Prius within shouting distance of my apartment. I could see my road flash between the train connectors, but I couldn’t get there. Trucks and compacts stretched up [...] »

Irrelevance Suits Us

When John the Baptizer raised the head of Jesus out of the water, his main work was over. Jesus took it from there. The big event in the desert became a side note in the gospels from then on. The American church would do well to grapple with that shift. When we squint back into [...] »