Thanksgiving Day is approaching this week and as I was thinking this morning I looked up the word "thanksgiving" in the dictionary. One of the definitions reads "A day set apart for giving thanks to God". It is on this day that you will hear many give thanks for their family and friends, their homes, their life and the many other blessings God so graciously gives to us. It is good that this day is set apart, because some would probably never stop to give thanks otherwise.

However, when I think of all that God has done for me, the life He so freely gives, the atoning sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross for my salvation, setting aside one day to give thanks could never show true "thankfulness". No greater way could I express my gratitude to God than "living" a life of thanks. How do you live a life of thanks? You live your life for Jesus, set apart to Him in obedience to His Word, every second, every minute and every day of your life. I want to celebrate this day of Thanksgiving with family and friends I love so dear, but even more I want to live a life of "Thanks-living" for the one who gave His life for me.

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