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46 thoughts on “Thanks to God as rain storm the fire region of…

  1. Carolyn Colosimo says:

    Let’s continue to pray for God to let it continue to rain until all the fires are put out. . Praise and thank you Jesus for answers to prayers!!!!!

  2. Jacob Keziah says:

    To the folks who live in Australia, the rain was a miracle sent by God because of your prayers so if he can do that for your country think of what he can do for you when you have a personal relationship with HIM. believe in Jesus Christ

  3. It's Inside You says:

    Prayers to those suffering there in Australia as a result of the climate problem. I think if people were to really dig deep enough into the cause of the problem, they would find that greed, or the love of money, lies at the heart of it all. (1 Timothy 6:10)

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