The Adventure of Advent

This Sunday, I spoke about the need for Christians to use Advent as a John the Baptist style time of proclamation. Many of us engage in conversations with unsaved people and we get sucked into the "Are you ready for Christmas?" or "Have you got done all you need to do for Christmas yet?" kind of exchanges, playing our part but not in a spiritual way. This week my fellowship have been asked to look at the Adventure that is Advent.
Perhaps you too might like to reflect on the following readings and questions.

Please read Mark 1 vs 1-8. Rom 10 vs 13 –18.

Q1 : What do Advent, Messiah and Emmanuel mean?
Q2 : What do we talk about to our unsaved friends at this time of year?
Q3 : The reading from Mark 1 shows a particular sequence. 1) Prepare the way for the Lord; 2) Preach repentance for the remission of sins; 3) the people came out to John confessing their sins.
What currently happens when we as christians talk about the coming of Christmas year after year?
Q4 : What do you want to happen for your unsaved family, friends and enemies?
Q5 : Thinking of questions 2 & 3 above, which way seems to work best?
Q6 : What can you change?

Take time now to think of some of the likely conversations and situations you might find yourself in.
Think through what your favoured response would be.
Rehearse that response.
Now prayerfully enjoy Advent!

May the Lord bless you as you follow His plan and may you see friends and family and even your opponents coming to the place of salvation.