The Battle of the Bulge is On… again.

Over the past few months, I let the cookies and other goodies get the best of me, and I gained about 8 pounds.  Yeah, I know that 8 pounds does not sound like much, but the real problem is that I had stalled in my weight loss back 6 or 7 months ago, and was teetering around 200 when I need to get my weight down to at least 190 lbs.  That means I have at least 18 pounds to lose.  To give you visual of what that is like, that yellow blob in the woman's hands is a replica of what 5 pounds of human fat looks like. I have almost 4 times that on my body that should not be there... dead weight that is dragging me down.

So, with that in mind, when I stepped on the scale Sunday and saw 207.5, I made the decision to take authority over this now, before it got a total hold on my life again. Five years ago, I weighed in at 238, and I refuse to lose control like that again.  First, it is just too hard on my body. I have terrible knees and the doctors have told me for the past 20 years that if I get above 200 pounds I will be in much more pain and do damage to my knees. Also, I had a brush with heart problems 5 years ago and I know that the weight gain and subsequent sedentary lifestyle that comes with it, I'll be facing more heart problems. I'm not going there. Personally, I get angry with people who blame Satan for health issues that they bring on themselves... so I'd better practice what I preach.  I'm not judging anyone else, nor pointing fingers at anyone who does not do as I do. This is about me. I'm doing this for me. For me, I can attest that as my body and physical health struggle rages, I also face spiritual battles.  This is something that I must get a hold of and beat this body into subjection.
Those who are around me, I'm asking for your help. Please don't nag at me... but yet, I'd appreciate your encouragement and your holding me accountable.

Thanks everyone!

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