The Bible tells us that in the last days “Even…

The Bible tells us that in the last days “Even…

The Bible tells us that in the last days “Even the elect would fall into a great delusion” ……if the so called elect are deluded, how much more so are the unknowing socially programmed/engineered masses that have forgotten how to think and only accept “truth” as is provided by figures of authority and “experts”.

The good news, the Father is waking people up / “outpouring of knowledge”…..Believers and those that have yet to come to know Jesus Christ are awakening to the many deceptions of the workers of iniquity through science, education, history, government, legislation, the real Jews vs the Fake Jews Revelation speaks of “Those that say they are Jews and are not, but do lie”, the economy and money creation, secret societies, the music and entertainment industry, the planet we live on……Daniel prophesied about this outpouring of knowledge as did John.

We live in prophetic times, sadly, many have been detained through entertainment, dumbed down through education and worn out from the required energy for day to day living……few are enlightened to the true state of the world we live in.

Satan achieves “order out of chaos”……that’s his formula.

It would seem the birth pains of economic chaos, food shortages, wars and rumours of war and worldly serfdom are fast approaching.

I encourage you to unplug from entertainment for a month, research some of what I’ve alluded to, open the Epistle of John and read it if you haven’t done so in awhile.

Never in history has there been a more important time to come to know the Creator, the Heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ……than right now. Those that seek Him in humility find Him…..The Holy Ghost baptism is a supernatural experience no person can ever rob you of. Faith in Jesus leads to a “relationship” with Jesus…….this experience and relationship are both real…..and await any person willing to seek Him in humility (“God resists the proud”). “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, as saith the Lord”……and you will discover that salvation, experience, covenant and relationship.

A great indictment against Bible Believing Followers of Jesus, is that we serve a faraway, impersonal God. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those that meet and know Christ, possess something they will struggle to put into words……because trying to explain the supernatural in natural terms can be difficult.

I say all of this in love and humility.


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