The Big 60 has Arrived!

It seems like just last night we were two young kids packing our luggage and putting tens of thousands of miles on our white van, making our way across the southeast, with a map, quarters for a pay phone, and a written letter from a pastor with directions. Perry conducted the revivals in local churches of all denominations and sizes, and I ran a small resource table, duplicating service tapes each night. Time was in front of us, and we didn’t think about getting to this monumental moment, as when you are twenty, who thinks of being sixty years old? Forty years is too far away to even consider. Like old Rip Van Winkle, we fell asleep, and when we awoke, Perry was no longer twenty but headed to sixty. On June 23, of 2019, at 10 o’clock in the morning, Perry will begin his decade of the sixties, as he will turn sixty years of age. We have planned a birthday cruise with 550 or so of our partners, close friends, and many people who have admired his ministry. We know there are many of you who would love to join us, but because of numerous circumstances are unable to make this sea journey on the big cruise line. We wish every friend could go, but we know that is not possible. After being called to ministry at age 16, if we start counting from the moment, he preached his first message in Salem, Virginia, Perry has been studying and preaching for about 43 years.
He has dealt with a few minor physical challenges, yet still maintains his energy and vision for the ministry, directing or assisting at VOE, OCI, and ISOW. I have watched him under different types of pressure, often dealing with negative circumstances. With prayer, faith, and a special measure of grace, he continues the good fight of faith staying focused on God’s assignments for him. Because this is a special occasion, if you would like to honor him, you can send a note or a card (he reads all the cards and often keeps them all) to Perry Stone at the VOE office (P.O. Box 3595 Cleveland, TN. 37320) and mark the envelope “Personal” on the outside. The workers will place it on my desk, and all cards and notes will be given directly to him. There may be some who want to send a special gift. The ministry office street address for UPS or FED-EX is Voice of Evangelism, 3959 Michigan Ave N.E., Cleveland TN, 37323. I am sure this would be very special to him. Someone asked him if he ever planned on retiring and he said, “Never. I will preach as long as I can, everywhere I can, when I can, until Christ comes, or I pass. There is too much to do, too many words from the Lord to preach, and too many lost people to reach.” I agree! Thank you, and from me, “Happy 60th Birthday to you my sweetheart.”
Love to All,
Pam Stone

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