The influence of a good man…

Last Sunday, I was in a church where the pastor pointed out a woman who was the daughter of the late Pastor Robert Graham.  Robert Graham pastored in Ohio, primarily in the southern half of the state and among the churches he pastored was Middletown (known as Harlan Park at the time, I think) and Kings Point.  He pastored other places but those I know of.  Robert Graham was a powerful and exceptional preacher of the Gospel.  I remember fondly that when Forward in Faith Media Ministries began a subscription service for tapes of great sermons, he had several that came to me.

One that I remember was called something like “The Living Word” and in that message he pulled from David’s words regarding the eternal nature of God’s Word and he countered the atheist and humanistic view that the Bible was merely a good book or one that would eventually be irrevelent to culture.  In typical Pentecostal style, I remember his cadence that “_____ said there will not be a Bible left to read by the end of the 20th century but ______ is dead and the Word of the Living God remains!” There were many such notable quotes of those who predicted the demise of the Bible.  I remember that the message so powerfully touched me that I began looking more closely at what God said about His Word and His commitment to preserve the Word of the Lord.

Since Kathy’s illness I have recalled many times the promise of God…”Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” (Matthew 24:35)

Pastor Robert Graham has already passed from this life and I wish I could tell him that his message that day (whenever it was) still  lives in my heart and from that message there was a stirring that is still passionate today about the Word of God.  So, don’t lose heart that your preaching and influence may not seem to be hitting the mark…God will make sure it does…

…and thank God for the power of influence from a life that is lived for the glory of God!

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