The Message That Wasn’t Shared At Church – Part 1

After weeks of thinking, praying, preparing, studying, receiving on this message, I didn't get a chance to share it at church.  It was part 3 to the series: Dream Again (based on the life of Joseph).  Part 3 focused on the familiar phrase, Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.  I prepared my notes and sent the slides to the team to "beautify" it, they are coordinating all the details for presentation, and ready to go for Sunday morning.  But when all you had planned was ready to move ahead and set to go in motion, you learn that if you allow Him to, He will always get the last Word.

The Holy Spirit started dealing with me the night before I had to preach this at church.  I was reading through the necessary scriptures, notes, listening to some worship music and just asking God to be in control.  At that moment, I sensed the Holy Spirit asking me if my plans are put on hold, would I be OK with it?  You'd think I would immediately respond by saying, "Yes sure, go ahead."  Of course I did...n't do that.  I struggled with that question for a little bit from a human perspective and asked the Lord, why did I prepare all this time and work on this message?  Deep down I know what I'm supposed to say and do but in that same deep place I know I want to share this planned message.  At that point I reached out to our worship leader, Ancy, and sent her this message:
I'm prepared for my planned message but I sense the Holy Spirit asking me if the plans are put on hold is it ok with me. Just be ready to jump off the cliff
(We use that phrase - "jump off the cliff" - to challenge each other to trust the Lord will catch us when we step out in faith.)

I went to bed decided that I would trust Him as He leads on Sunday morning.  I get to church and still the internal struggle is going on - should I preach the prepared message or should I guide the service as the Holy Spirit leads us that day?  I knew He was preparing to do something unique this day.  15 minutes before service starts, I gave up.  I went up to Ancy and the worship team and just told them, we are shifting away from the planned order of service and I'm not speaking the planned message and just going to share what He leads me to share.  We are going to be up here throughout the service leading in worship and allowing for God to do His unique thing this day.  I shared this "change in plans" with everyone in the prayer huddle before service.  We all just went into prayer and trusted God while declaring, "Spirit lead us!"

Well, for the rest of the service, let's just say things went according to plan, not mine or ours, but His plan.  (You had to be there, I can't describe it.)  Let's just say, the Holy Spirit had a timely and prophetic WORD to the church, not a message on Teamwork Makes The Dream Work.  Lives being touched by the power of God.  There must be a weeping moment which turn into a worship.  Weeping may last for a moment, but worship will last forever!

After church, I was led to not just ignore the "planned" message that never was shared at church but to share it through this blog this week.  So I'm going to highlight the main points over the next couple of days.  So I ask you to come back and visit the updates over the next couple of days.

The goal was and still is to show the reality that God needs a good teammate in Joseph to make the God-dream for Joseph's life become reality.  That is the truth for us as well.  God can place a dream inside us for His glory, but we have a huge role to play in how it all works out in the end.  The Lord never will force His way into our lives and make us do anything.  Jesus doesn't invade and demand our hearts to action.  Jesus "knocks on the door" to our hearts and lives, waiting for us to choose to let Him in.

In Galatians 5:16, 17, and 25, we see the realities of our sinful nature being in constant struggle with what the Holy Spirit desires of us.  It also shows that we live by the Spirit and if we do, we must be a good teammate with the Spirit.  A good teammate sticks by you, stays close enough to do their part to help achieve the common goal.  We need to team up with Jesus and the Holy Spirit in this journey of life to receive that dream and see it to reality.

Over the next couple of days, we'll journey through several chapters of Joseph's life and highlight some characteristics of a good teammate of God.

Enjoy The Ride,

Pastor Cee