The military deal will allow Ankara to deploy army

Mmm…interesting times we live in!
Turkey offers military support to Libya, miles away on the other side of the Mediterranean. The pieces are falling into place quickly for Ezekiel 38 esp vv5-6
Of course sadly, Preterists will deny it all.

The military deal will allow Ankara to deploy army trainers and equipment to the north African nation. Washington, which is on opposing sides with Russia in Libya’s civil war, has decribed the move as “provocative.”

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  1. Turkey’s Erdogan lusts after becoming Islam’s newest Sultan. And the N.A.T.O. protections he somehow still enjoys makes that easier for him. He can meddle in Syria, Cyprus and Libya with little real opposition…. sadly.

  2. The Ezekiel Effect!

    Erdogan of Turkey is the same as Gog of Ezekiel 38-39.

    He also links us directly to the 1st Seal or White Horseman of Revelation.

    Erdogan is actually multiple players in end times.

    1. Gog of Ezekiel 38/39.
    God has knocked Gog’s arrows and bow (Ezekiel 39:3) out of his hands and God will utterly destroy all 10 nations that attack Israel. Gog and his armies will be buried in Hamon-Gog in northern Israel. The destruction of the Prominent Horn in Daniel 8.

    2. White Horseman or 1st Seal of Revelation.

    3. Erdogan will be the New Ottoman Emperor that will revive the new Caliphate against the Jews and Christians. He will take full control of the Tomb of Suleyman-Shah and this will concrete his authority to mobilize the 10 nation horde army that attacks Israel and is given the crown of the White Horseman to go forth conquering.

    Erdogan/Gog will capture the Tomb of Suleyman-Shah and this will allow him to gain the crown of the Ottoman Emperor which will allow him to be the king in Latter Days that will become the White Horseman or 1st Seal.

    Erdogan/Gog will revive the Ottoman empire, Erdogan will become the new Ottoman Emperor and Erdogan/Gog will crush Iran (Persia) & Kurds (Medes) soon as they drive East in Syria toward Iran, as they butt heads at the Euphrates River, as stated in Ezekiel 38/39 & Daniel 8..

    Erdogan/Gog will then drive through the Middle East and even into Northern Africa prior to coming back to Israel’s doorstep. Gog will give these 10 nations authority for 1 hour or 15 days to attack Israel.

    Once Erdogan/Gog reaches the Temple Mount or God’s seat the 6th Seal will break.

    4. Once Erdogan/Gog is destroyed on the 6th Seal attacking Israel and trying to capture the Temple Mount, he will be resurrected out of the grave of Hamon-Gog on the 6th Trumpet as Anti-Christ. (Isaiah 14).

    Erdogan/Gog and his armies are destroyed and they will be buried in Hamon-Gog for 7 months.

    After Erdogan/Gog’s death (The Prominent Horn broken), the Ottoman Empire will be divided into 4 kingdoms as stated in Daniel 8. From this a Little Horn – Antichrist will come from one of these 4 kingdoms – probably Turkey – which will be a resurrected Gog out of the grave of Hamon-Gog into Antichrist on the 6th Trumpet.

    Sacrifices to Allah from the Muslims will start during this time as they ask for understanding why their Ottoman Emperor and leader (Erdogan/Gog) is now dead. This will be due to the Muslims being lost and confused why 10 Muslim nations were destroyed, by God Himself, as they attacked Israel and Erdogan/Gog and his 10 nation horde are buried for 7 months. The weapons and fuel will be burnt for 7 years through Tribulation & Great Tribulation.

    The 144,000 are selected and we have 1/2 hour of silence.

    The 7 trumpet phase then starts.

    On the 6th Trumpet as Michael, the Angel stands on both sides on the Bottomless pit that has just opened on the 5th trumpet. (Isaiah 14).

    Antichrist, Beast of the Sea, will be resurrected out the grave of Hamon-Gog. Realize at the same time things are happening on the ground on the earth. Michael is having a war in heaven and casting Satan and his angels from Heaven forever. (Isaiah 14).

    The 2nd head of Anti-Christ, Beast of the Earth, will be the Pope or False Prophet. The Pope will denounce Jesus as the Son of God and convert the church to Islam, move the church to the middle east, to exalt Anti-Christ once he rises on the 6th Trumpet. This will destroy the churches and Christian structure and make them very susceptible to conversion.

    Antichrist will stop sacrifices shortly after this and have the world exalt him instead. 1290 days to Abomination of Desolation. (Daniel 12:11).

    7 Year Covenant of Death signed between nations and Antichrist.

    1260 days to Abomination of Desolation.

    2 Witnesses are overcome, they lie is street 3 1/2 days and they are resurrected.

    God tells us that you gain special blessings if you make it to 1335 days.

    Our Lord then comes back on the 7th Trumpet to save the remaining Elect and Christians rapture the church prior to dropping the 7 bowls and placing His kingdom (bride) on Earth.

    Psalms 90:10 clearly states a generation is 70 and a strong generation is 80.
    Since the birth of Israel was on May 14, 1948. The 70-year generation was on May 14, 2018. I would guess there is a strong correlation that all things will happen PRIOR to May 14, 2028.

  3. My final comment here… There will be 2 different wars in the Middle East for 2 different reasons by 2 different groups of nations with 2 vastly different results. Just cos we see Gog & Magog doesn’t mean we are entitled to just lump it all together without proper reseach. Seems I’m somewhat alone around here – listening and learning.

  4. Im gonna say this because it is important to understand America’s role in the upcoming events that are about to play out right in front of us. What is the symbolic name given to America in this upcoming war? Most Christians feel that God is going to miraculously save Israel from the Russian alliance. That is not what God says. Look at this verse closely: Ezekiel 39:6. 6I will send fire against Magog(Russia) and those who dwell securely in the coastlands(Who is this country?), and they will know that I am the LORD. —-In the KJV it uses the word Isles. So who is the Isles? The Isles is another symbolic name for America. God is going to allow Russia and America to destroy each other. Well, Russia will survive, but America will CEASE to EXIST as a nation. Once the reader embraces the different symbolic names given to America in the Bible then the rest of God’s plan becomes so much more clear. Now what is the sign that will validate that what I am saying is true? God gives His people a sign, just like He gave those of the OT a sign to prepare them for Jesus 1st coming. The sign for us is the destruction of Egypt by America so violently that nothing will be able to live there for 40 years.(Ezekiel 29:11) After this takes place Christians in America will have a decision to make. Either they can continue in their false teachings or they can follow the ONE TRUE WATCHMAN for the house of Israel.(Ezekiel 29:21) Peace be with you my brothers and sisters in Christ. Go to this website for more of God’s plan.

  5. I guess Alyssa didn’t want to play anymore:

    Alyssa Krauss just because Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel had access to God, doesn’t mean that they didn’t need a Savior.

    They were still spiritually dead, but God had no intention of leaving them or us in that condition.

    But He created them, He loved them, Love doesn’t stop just because someone makes a mistake or sins. Love gives them everything they need to survive, He teaches them about the sacrifices and offerings, and about the covenant.

    How do you think Cain and Abel learned how to bring an acceptable offering, Love taught their parents, and He taught them.

    He didn’t just throw them out to the serpent after they made that ever so costly mistake.

    You can only say that because you don’t know my God.

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