The Nation in the Grips of Chicago Politics

As we get closer and closer to the 2012 election, it's
important to remember The Rules we play by. The
Rules are taken from the Chicago playbook of rules
where they are simply known as... Chicago Rules.
Chicago Rules are illustrated by the six photographs

Rod Blagojevich is the former Illinois Governor who tried to sell
Obama's seat in Congress.

Obama was asked by the press if he had ever met Gov. Rod
Blagojevich. He replied: "I only saw Rod Blagojevich one time
... and that was in the stands and from a distance at a Chicago
Bears Football Game."
Of course, you can believe him - he's our President

The picture below? That's irrelevant.
Rod Blagojevich, Barack Obama, and Richard Daley during a rally in Chicago , April 16, 2007. (Photo Reuters) Note: Rahm Emanual has replaced Daley as Mayor! And Daley's brother has replaced Rahm as a chief adviser to the president. But you don't
need to know all this.

f64b569.jpgRhom, the new Mayor of Chicago
You have to understand "the world according to Chicago."
Chicago is almost a completely different country when it comes to politics. Chicago even has a different set of morals and language.
There are three rules and a Prime Directive.
RULE #1. No matter what you see, hear, or do -- you don't know anybody & you know nothing!
RULE #2. If you capture something on tape or camera -- it reveals nothing!
RULE #3. If you know what everybody else in Chicago knows -- you still know nothing.

The PRIME DIRECTIVE ...No matter what the vote, Democrats win the election.
Now pay close attention! 
It's very simple. Remember, you know nothing.

These two? They never met! Obama said they didn't..

These two? Who are they?
f64b605.jpgThe guy on the left? He's Santa Claus. And the guy on the
right.... he's the Easter Bunny! That's all you need to know.

These two? Don't ask.

Remember Jimmy Hoffa? He knew too much. Where is he now?
Don't ask.

Do you understand? Don't look at these pictures! 
Remember, you've already forgotten them.....
Do you understand? They don't know each other and they never met! 
How is that possible? 
BECAUSE OBAMA SAID SO! And - don't - you - fergit - it!

Now, what is it that you call some one who does not tell the truth?