The Son Will Shine in You

I was sitting here this morning watching a pretty severe thunderstorm outside, the sky blackened, lightning flashing, and the thunder beating on a big bass drum, while the wind howls and the rain falls in sheets. Listening to the storm, I recalled something I did shortly after I turned 14; I really hadn’t thought about it in years. I wrote a poem at the urging of my Junior High English teacher. There was a Countywide school poetry contest for each grade, and for some reason, she wanted me to give it a shot; and in those days, we were taught to obey our elders, and my old fashioned parents backed the teachers too, so I wrote the poem and found it very fulfilling to do so.

I have written quite a few over the years, though I never published them. They are a wonderful stress reliever and soul soother. This one from Junior High, I memorized, not because it won the contest, unbelievably it somehow did, but because in my storms and trials, it brings me to reality and to the purposes of God in all things, no matter how bad they may seem.
Here is the the poem I entitled “ The Storm.”

“The Storm”
By David M. Griffis
The Lightning flashes, the thunder roars,
The wind like a comet, whirls, and soars.
The trees are bent by the mighty force,
And all of nature is in remorse.
But then, like a wild stallion, the sun bursts forth,
And all nature ceases remorse,
The plants shoot up from their grave,
And even the wind is caused to behave.
The storm has stopped its forceful way,
But without it, where would life be today?

I share this little moment and poem from my early youth to remind myself again of God’s purposes in all things, whether in nature or in our lives. The scripture says that He controls all things by the “word of his power.” Hebrews 1:3. I am also reminded that God has a plan for all of us, and for the entire universe as far as that is concerned. We see through the lens of time, but the Bible says that God “sits upon the circle of the earth” Isaiah 40:22 He doesn’t reckon time as we do. That’s why the Apostle Peter said that with the Lord.” II Peter3:8

Whether we live to be 50 years or 100 years, compared to eternity’s limitless time there is virtually no difference. God has a plan for us. In every storm, trial, valley, victory, wounding, and exhaustion, He is lovingly forming us into the image of His dear Son.
The storm will go….the Son will shine in you.


Dr. David M. Griffis