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Did you know there is a story in the Bible that tells of a Mountain Top Blazing with Heavenly Light?

Even though it is seldom addressed, this event, called the Mount of Transfiguration, or sometimes the Glorious Mount, is one of the most pivotal moments in the New Testament.

This monumental experience found in the Gospels of Matthew 16, Mark 9, & Luke 9 is full of profound meaning for Christians, and it helps illuminate many other Amazing Bible TRUTHS!


After a long day of teaching and ministering to the multitudes, Christ and His Disciple’s separate from the clamoring crowds.

Jesus then says something very unusual:

“There are some standing here who will not taste death till they see the kingdom of God present with power.” (Mark 9:1)

It probably seemed to His disciples that Jesus was predicting something really big.

But what?

Then, six days after Jesus makes this cryptic announcement, they reach the foot of a “high mountain.” There He handpicks His own trusted “trinity” of apostles—Peter, James, and John—and with them in tow, He leaves the others in the valley and begins the long assent up the steep hill. As the sun is setting, they finally stumble wearily onto the summit.

Jesus immediately kneels and begins to pray, and at first the Disciples attempt to join him; yet exhausted, they soon drift into a deep sleep.

Then something extraordinary happens!

Combining the testimony of Luke and Mark, we’re told, “As He prayed, He was transformed before them.

The appearance of His face was altered, and His robe became white and glistening. Exceeding white, like snow such as no launderer on earth can whiten them.”
(See the full account in Luke 9:29-31 & Mark 9:2-9)


Suddenly awakened by the Cosmic Event, the Disciples see Christ shining with a Heavenly Light radiating from within.

He is not just the humble son of Joseph and Mary, but with unveiled Glory, He now appears as the Majestic Creator of the Universe.

Jesus’ primary reason for this Heavenly visitation was revealed in His prayer when He pleads that they may witness a manifestation of His Divinity that will comfort them in the hour of His supreme agony, with the knowledge that He is … the Son of God and that His shameful death is a part of the plan of Redemption.

The loving Father grants them this brief glimpse of His Son’s Glory, because He knows the Disciples were soon to see their Master completely humiliated.

Their teacher was about to be naked, beaten, and bleeding—appearing very helpless and very mortal.

So in the same way a little tree stores sap during the warm, bright spring to sustain it during the cold, dark winter, Jesus knows His Disciple’s Faith needed a bright boost on the mountain to see them through the approaching dark day on Calvary.

The Disciples also needed the reassurance of this event because they continued to confuse the purpose of the Messiah’s mission with the popular Jewish fables of Earthly Glory.

Jesus knew it was going to be devastating for them to see their hopes for Earthly Glory punctured by Roman nails, so the Father granted this vision to remind them Christ’s kingdom was Heavenly, not Earthly.


Along with the glorious light of Heaven, the brightest ever seen on Earth, Two of the greatest Celebrities of Scripture appeared at the side of Christ.

“And Elijah appeared to them with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus.”
(Mark 9:4)

Someone might ask, why these Two Individuals?

God had also taken Enoch to Heaven, why didn’t he come along for this special visit?

Very simply, the Two Prominent Individuals who did come were Living Symbols of the Word of God.

Moses represents the Law, &
Elijah represents the Prophets.

Jesus says in Matthew 5:17:

“Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to [fulfill].”

Moses is the Great Lawgiver, &
Elijah is the Greatest of the Old Testament Prophets.

Throughout the Bible, the Word of God is often portrayed with a Dual Image.

The Ten Commandments were written on Two tables of stone.

The Word of God is also portrayed as a sword with Two edges.

Two lamps and Two olive trees portray the Two sacred divisions of the Bible.

But the Ultimate Testimony of God’s Word is Jesus:

“In the volume of the book it is written of me.” (Hebrews 10:7)

The volume of the Book, the Bible, all points to Jesus, who is the combination of Two Natures –
The Human + The Divine.

Jesus is the Word made Flesh.
(John 1:14)

In Luke 16:31, Jesus concludes His parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus, “If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.”

Here Jesus places a very high priority on God’s Word, and we shouldn’t miss it.

No matter what miracles you witness, even someone rising from the dead, you should still place the plain Word of God on higher ground.

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6 thoughts on “THE TWO WITNESSES !!! MOSES & ELIJAH #TwoWitnesses #MountOfTransfiguration HEAVENLY…

  1. John Prewett says:

    The problem – Nebuchadnezzar about to throw 3 boys into a furnace because they will not worship his idol.

    The preTribber solution – whisk the boys to heaven.

    God’s solution – let them be put in the furnace, protect them while they are IN the furnace and get in the furnace with them.

    The problem – Pharaoh’s army is about to massacre fleeing former slaves.

    The preTribber solution – whisk the former slaves to heaven.

    God’s solution – drown the army with the same water the former slaves just walked through.

    The problem – a king wants to put a man of God in a lions den.

    The preTribber solution – whisk the man of God to heaven
    God’s solution – Let the man of God be put in the lions den.
    Make the lions leave him alone. Then later the same lions kill others before the others even hit the floor.

    The problem – Evil jealous men want to crucify the Son of God.

    The preTribber solution – whisk Jesus to heaven.

    God’s solution – Let them crucify Jesus. Then bring Jesus back from the dead and make Him Lord of the universe.

  2. Greg Jarboe says:

    The Two Witnesses will NOT be Moses & Elijah.

    If two men appeared in the world telling everyone that they are Moses & Elijah from the Old Testament, I can assure you that they would placed in straight jackets and locked up in a mental ward where they do deserve to be.

    The Two Witnesses will be two Christians sent into the world by God who possess a legitimate prophecy that very few people can reason out on their own and these Two Witnesses will publicize it to the world-at-large in a discreet, but effective, way in order to maintain a peaceful life, away from the crazies of this world. They may even leave comments on Internet message boards such as this one without anyone being the wiser.

  3. Richard Suarez says:

    Enoch and Elijah, because neither has died and they are questioned by those of the First Resurrection who are getting ready to be resurrected and leave for heaven with Christ and they are standing there in sackcloth and everyone else is dressed in white and they ask them why they aren’t ready and they tell the group it is not their time and they have yet a mission to do in the future, then the group is raised to life. This story is told by the two sons of Simeon who were arrested by the rulers of the Jews immediately after the temple curtain rent in two and the graves were opened and before Christ ascended. They were interrogated by people who attended their funerals years before and asked what happened to them after they died. Just one story out of “The Gospel of Nicodemus”. This ancient scroll found and republished in AD 425 is not part of canon, very detailed account of trials of Christ in multiple courts and the aftermath of the resurrection, discussions in the secret chambers of the temple by the rulers. VERY INTERESTING READING. I lean on it sooner than I would on someone’s guess on this post.

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